Hi Rupiah Token users,

Regarding the removal of IDRTL from the Luniverse chain, these are some important informations that you need to know about.

  • Starting from Dec 29, 2022, IDRTL would be delisted from Upbit Indonesia. Thus, users wouldn’t be able to trade (buy/sell) and deposit IDRTL after the mentioned date above. However, users are still able to withdraw their IDRTL to their Luniverse chain wallet.
  • After that, Upbit Indonesia will also stop all the withdrawals for IDRTL (Further detail about this information would be announced by Upbit Indonesia on the later date)

Thus, we encourage users to:

  • Starting from now, do not buy IDRTL on the IDRTL/IDR market Upbit Indonesia
  • Sell their IDRTL on Upbit platform before Dec 29, 2022.

Users can still get IDRT on other blockchains like ERC-20 and BEP-20 via the Pintu app, which you can easily download from the App Store and Play Store. Then, Follow the steps in this article to get your IDRT assets.

Thank you.

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