The Fuse Wallet lets you store, use digital assets in a non-custodial wallet, and create your own community.

The integration between Rupiah Token and will become one of the most important developments in the adoption of crypto assets by the public. This partnership will become a breakthrough in setting a benchmark for digital asset adoption, especially businesses that want to grow their user bases.

Rupiah Token has been a frontrunner start-up to promote crypto assets and its adoption for wide-ranging use by creating a stablecoin IDRT pegged to Indonesian rupiah. IDRT is set to not only become Indonesia’s first stablecoin, but also set to transform how the public uses digital assets. 

Promoting the adoption of digital assets, Fuse is poised to help businesses, both big and small, to create their own communities using digital assets. With an already secure and efficient system of stablecoin, Fuse aims to make it even easier for the mass market to have their digital transactions done right. 

Joining forces, Rupiah Token and Fuse will aim to widen their reach to communities and businesses to adopt digital assets. Rupiah Token allows users to experience the efficiency of crypto assets while getting the benefit of a value stability in fiat currency. 

Using the Fuse network protocol, IDRT can be adopted more easily by local communities. Currently, IDRT can only be used by individuals to send or receive IDRT. But with integration with Fuse, not only individuals, but a group of people in a community can also set up their businesses to be able to receive IDRT between one another. 

Setting up new communities for their members can be done within minutes. With all the heavy lifting already taken care of by Fuse, communities can focus on rewarding and growing their user base and integrating crypto transactions into their operations. 

To launch their communities in Fuse, users can connect their wallet via MetaMask Wallet or Torus through the Fuse studio website ( and then they can create or choose the stablecoin they deem most compatible with their customers’ preference.

Now that Fuse has presented itself as an open source contract-wallet that can support any Ethereum token and store user data on the device, it will allow many more users and communities to use digital assets for their transactions. Newly featured stablecoins and Ethereum tokens will help in building user’s own community with lower friction, costs and entry barriers for companies. In other words, Fuse will improve usability features, which, in turns, makes token creation and testing a straightforward experience for all user levels.

Rupiah Token and Fuse integration serve as a stepping stone for Indonesian’s businesses to revolutionize their daily transaction needs. Fuse studio wizard allows users to define a community using a smart contract, which can be used to create rules for user’s commerce, to see what fits and add any plug-ins for adaptable customization. Aligned with that, Rupiah Token will ensure easy adoption of cryptocurrency based transactions because of Rupiah Token’s  explicit redeem-ability for fiat, namely rupiah. 

As a leading crypto wallet, Fuse is integrated with leading crypto gateway aggregators such as Transak and Instant Ramp. Later on, this feature will allow IDRT users to directly top up their IDRT balance using fiat on Fuse wallet seamlessly.

Integration with Rupiah Token is the best-fit for our current market situation, especially in Indonesia crypto landscape. The volatility of other crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, etc. sparks a reservation in many Indonesians to use them for day-to-day needs. 

Soon enough, users will be able to access a wide range of tokens to trade with on Fuse wallet. Its integration with notable DEX aggregator, Totle, will allow the users to swap IDRT to various tokens instantly. Ease of swapping digital currency even to fiat currencies will help the users to be more receptive towards this new technology. 

Rupiah Token and Fuse partnership has brought a novel method of crypto transactions with its ease of usability, community integration and low transaction cost to crypto communities and tech enthusiasts in Indonesia. As a result, this will create a breakthrough in turning communities into economies. 

Therefore, stablecoin IDRT is the solution to a decentralized yet stable medium of exchange, and integration with Fuse is the perfect combination to spur the adoption of stablecoin in Indonesia. 

About Rupiah Token

PT Rupiah Token Indonesia is a venture-capital-backed startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a leading Blockchain technology company, our mission is to boost the acceptance of Indonesian Rupiah worldwide and accelerate the transition to a more inclusive and open financial system. Since our establishment in January 2019, we have been hard at work developing our service in Indonesia and listing our tokens on reputable exchanges.


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