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Our Trading Minigame has finally come to an end on 30th September 2019, 6PM UTC+7. Please find our announcement below:

Rules Review

Before analyzing the winners, let us review the rules we originally posted:

  • Eligible winner (address) must have at least 1,000,000 IDRTB average daily trading volume over the whole event period.
  • Eligible winner (address) must also hold at least 1,000,000 IDRTB at the end of the competition.
  • Trading volume refers to sum of Buys and Sells of IDRTB, excluding wash trades.

And also the Terms & Conditions we originally posted:

  • Trading volume of each account on BNB/IDRTB will be recorded at the end of the minigame on Monday 30 September 2019, 18:00 GMT+7.
  • No registration needed to join. Winners will be based on Binance Chain Address used for trading
  • Winners’ announcement and prize distribution will be done within 3-4 working days from the end date.
  • Rupiah Token employees or any affiliated parties are not eligible to join the minigame.
  • Wash trading is prohibited! Any participant doing wash trading will be immediately disqualified.
  • Rupiah Token reserves the right to cancel or amend the event and the rules at our sole discretion.

Disqualified Address

After analyzing trade patterns, we have to disqualify the following 3 addresses from the minigame because we observe very strong indication of wash trading (i.e. trading back-and-forth between limited sets of addresses) :

  • bnb16am9asrsq76kfdfltvxrse70v2rdhznz4kyuw7
  • bnb1ywuwzv66egyxy9zsvye854g4t63hhu5d2u68nz
  • bnb1s0q2gzzj0lusj6a40jnx88zpasdqj7gxj9njjj

Trading Competition Winners

After removing disqualified addresses, we found we only have two eligible winners:

  • 1st Place (5,000,000 IDRTB): bnb1wt0zxqp77lugxexn2rm5zc507s83ml2s4t0pvx
  • 2nd Place (3,000,000 IDRTB):

As such, 3rd Winner prize of 2,000,000 IDRTB will go to Lucky Draw prize pool!

Lucky Draw for Random Participants

Originally we prepared 10 x 100,000 IDRTB for randomized lucky participants. But we have an addition of 2,000,000 IDRTB from the lack of 3rd place winner, as explained above. As such, we will give out 100,000 IDRTB for 30 addresses – congratulations for the following lucky participants!

  1. bnb1vzfwrvk9v3ew7a57m29whju27u4tcfmwgeryqe
  2. bnb15uruh8va59su98ap2n9acf6cwexxh3rw7waht2
  3. bnb1ch6mpxy95zy6nqfa2963z6n90qcfw5syuh5ue0
  4. bnb1sk4dkkk9yc8wdq9v45yhrdznpej9lvv0mgjdw6
  5. bnb1xdevad3gf4uu96yrvtvsd6nxd3t80ynqzdgtvk
  6. bnb1r5ejgx6zp7dt4k029a7ljctssag20qq2wrpzs8
  7. bnb1vqzkxpfvzv4uvfs80pzdug8sqtza07h6atl8dp
  8. bnb1w3y8fngxtp7xzu4u8n58z09ta9w462xxm9t8wj
  9. bnb17we2lpmna8z07y6gk8qz2rvhprac4l9j94fvpc
  10. bnb17sxzf27hehl63xghf3lxkc9zwsq4z2gw96q6hl
  11. bnb1h6kl9g2sfckp27acsckvu4elcwq4vsfgq56wra
  12. bnb1aar7uretwkaath59zxjzk83lzun67wwx38y7le
  13. bnb1q8lcufv2q34agwfd65t5wtl37737wkvzcushyw
  14. bnb1d5qze7uej3eydc8j7z65twwapfrasp5vacszvm
  15. bnb15kzqzy5yewslmz9dumurktktny8x4gvjld0kd9
  16. bnb1xwalxpaes9r0z0fqdy70j3kz6aayetegur38gl
  17. bnb1dkdw9lrwfps0mpfaj0xdyynje4aqp07hlz6dkw
  18. bnb1hlpy2yw6zaa3xqft72m3hf6hwfvcgs7cdgl3ue
  19. bnb19vwrfdqzv5v3v3xyxjtgtrf88jya7yu26n834v
  20. bnb1pd5vyzjgwxwznqslnszsl4wq9ztejs369mgv89
  21. bnb1gyyh3naqk37zu6kx9082fjvgu5376aaaclsy69
  22. bnb1z2wkeh724zpeflsgscwp93vylg66awx5hcavu6
  23. bnb1r9e0cdza4vlruvzy23f6ad9uftspxcjjwg4gpj
  24. bnb1vuvjpl654ygwkp6q8tdzze7v5d8h9pn4z3mhql
  25. bnb1c67zsz4a5rhefxw9ajdlhkmgxjfppekhad82cq
  26. bnb1qr3atgtkwvwpx6nly4arcy773tunl6z04t3dju
  27. bnb1yheegfkkypw74htg8vzzj64jux3p4tmg5edqhm
  28. bnb176qurzuueah4wuj29c3k3nvdd9qn79n2gucs8d
  29. bnb1kz90r4da6zdzk84lnhdzmngry2tt3gj99jq6nl
  30. bnb18thlkcf3ajns9hyj6q82rfu29tugzt245nsuga

Prize Distribution

Prize will be distributed by Friday, 4th October 2019, directly to winning addresses.

Thank you for participating, we hope to see you again on our future events!

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PT Rupiah Token Indonesia is a venture-capital backed startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a leading Blockchain technology company, our mission is to boost the acceptance of Indonesian Rupiah worldwide and accelerate the transition to a more inclusive and open financial system. Since our establishment in January 2019, we have been hard at work developing our service in Indonesia and listing our tokens on reputable exchanges.

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