Dear our valued customers,

PT Rupiah Token will focus its operations on serving IDRT transactions for business and exchange partners. Therefore, we will disable the IDRT Purchase, Withdraw and Swap services for individual customers on the Rupiah Token website. But don’t worry – IDRT purchases, witdrawals, and swaps for individual customers can still be done through our exchange partners, such as Pintu ( and other exchanges, with better and easier customer experience.

Below are the details of IDRT Purchase, Withdrawal, and Swap services deactivation for individual customers.

IDRT Purchase Deactivation on Rupiah Token Website (11 October 2021)

  • IDRT/IDRTB purchases on the Rupiah Token website are disabled.
  • IDRT withdrawals to bank account are still available.

IDRT Deposit to Withdrawal and Swap Wallet Deactivation (25 October 2021)

  • IDRT/IDRTB deposit to withdrawal wallet is disabled. Please do not deposit IDRT/IDRTB to the withdrawal wallet.
  • We will deactivate IDRT withdrawals to your bank account afterwards. Therefore, we urge you to withdraw your entire IDRT balance to your bank account before 25 October 2021. If you don’t withdraw the remaining IDRT balance in your Rupiah Token redemption wallet to your bank account before that date, we’re sorry that the remaining IDRT balance in your Rupiah Token redemption wallet will be forfeited.
  • IDRT/IDRTB swap is disabled.

If you have further questions, please contact us via email at [email protected].

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