Hi IDRTers!

We will announce exciting news! To celebrate the listing of IDRT on Binance, we would like to invite you to join the celebration by participating in our social media contest!

The most creative, interesting, and informative content will be eligible to win a total prize of IDRT 2,500,000 and exclusive merchandise from Binance. Please check the instructions below for more details!

Time or Duration or Frequency:

7 May 2020 until 14May 2020 (1-week period)

Rule Details

  1. Create one or more contents on your social media platforms which shows the step-by-step / tutorial on how Indonesians can deposit, trade, and withdraw IDRT on Binance.com

  2. Be creative! There’s no rule on how you should create the contents.

    • You can create the content(s) using infographics, video, article, Twitter thread, or any form that you believe will get the most attention!

    • You should post the content on the relevant social media platform as you desire e.g. post the video on your youtube channel or Instagram.

    • Be sure to tag us if you post it on one of these channels (tag is required to be eligible)

      Instagram: @RupiahToken and @BinanceIndonesia

      Twitter: @RupiahTokenIDRT and @Binance

      Facebook: https://facebook.com/RupiahTokenIDRT/ and https://facebook.com/Binance_Indonesian

      Medium : https://medium.com/@rupiahtoken

  3. Once you have created and uploaded the contents, make sure you fill out this form to allow us to check & review it! https://forms.gle/E7soEnrEpM1yeyBS8

  4. You can create as many different contents as you like, but make sure to submit the form for each different content.

Note: the same content on different platforms are not counted. You are more than welcome to post the same content on different platforms to gain more impressions. Just make sure that you attach all the links for that content on the corresponding form.

Prize Structure

Binance and IDRT will choose three winners with the most attractive and informative contents. The top three winners will be chosen using several parameters such as the information described in the contents, creativity, number of impressions, etc.

1st place : 1,000,000 IDRT

2nd place : 300,000 IDRT

3rd place : 200,000 IDRT

10 Favorite Winners* : 100,000 IDRT for each

*10 Favorit winners based on judges discretion

Note: Each participant is allowed to post their content on multiple platforms/social medias, we will sum the likes/impressions from all the platforms combined

In addition, we will give rewards to 10 favorite contents that have the most impressions (likes, views, replies, reshare, etc) on social media. Each content winner will receive IDRT and Binance Merchandise.

Total Prize : 2,500,000 IDRT + Exclusive Binance Merchandise

Terms & Conditions



  • Rupiah Token and Binance reserve the right to cancel or amend the event and the rules at our sole discretion.
  • Winners announcement and prize distribution will be done within 7 days from the end date.

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