Hello IDRTers!

We are pleased to announce that we are going to have an IDRT Trading Competition on ecxx with a total prize of 3.750.000 IDRT!

Trading link:

BTC pair: https://www.ecxx.com/tradingview?symbol=BTC_IDRT

ETH pair: https://www.ecxx.com/tradingview?symbol=ETH_IDRT

USDT pair: https://www.ecxx.com/tradingview?symbol=USDT_IDRT

The competition will start on February 5, 2020 and lasts for 2 weeks – get ready by reading the details below!

Trading Rules:

  1. Users with the highest trading amount during the event period will get rewarded.
  2. Highest trading amount will be calculated from the users’ total trading amount on any IDRT market pairs (user can choose one or more IDRT asset pairs to trade with i.e. BTC, ETH, and USDT).
  3. The minimum trading requirement to be eligible to participate in this event is 300K IDRT.
  4. Ecxx will choose three winners with the highest trading amount.

Prize Structure:

  • 1st place: 2,000,000 IDRT
  • 2nd place: 1,250,000 IDRT
  • 3rd place: 500,000 IDRT

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The event will be carried out on February 5, 2020 to February 18, 2020.
  2. Winners announcement and prize distribution will be conducted by ecxx.
  3. The IDRT will be sent to the respective address by ecxx.
  4. Rupiah Token and ecxx employees or any affiliated parties are not eligible to join the competition.
  5. Wash trading is prohibited! Any participant doing wash trading will be immediately disqualified.

About Rupiah Token

PT Rupiah Token Indonesia is a venture-capital-backed startup based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a leading Blockchain technology company, our mission is to boost the acceptance of Indonesian Rupiah worldwide and accelerate the transition to a more inclusive and open financial system. Since our establishment in January 2019, we have been hard at work developing our service in Indonesia and listing our tokens on reputable exchanges.


To request for partnerships or other collaboration opportunities, please email [email protected] or visit rupiahtoken.com to submit a request.

Telegram (EN): https://t.me/rupiahtokeninternational

Telegram (ID): https://t.me/rupiahtokenindonesia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RupiahTokenIDRT

Website: https://rupiahtoken.com

Blog: https://rupiahtoken.com/blog

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