Set-up wallet IDRT di Truswallet

Both IDRT and IDRTB is by default available to be used with Trust Wallet – you just need to add the token with a simple tap.

Creating a new wallet (skip this if you already have one)

  1. Download and install Trust Wallet on your phone
  2. Open the app and tap on Create A New Wallet
  3. Read the notice and check the box if you agree. Click on continue.
  4. Write down your passphrase somewhere safe, and then click on continue.(WARNING: the passphrase is used to create your private key, which represents ownership of assets in the blockchain world. Never share your passphrase with others.)
  5. Tap the words in the correct order to form your passphrase.
  6. You’ve created your wallet! Now it’s time to add RupiahToken to your wallet.

Adding IDRT / IDRTB into your wallet

  1. Click on the + button on the top right
  2. Search for “IDRT” and choose which token you want to add (or remove)
  3. Tap the back button. Congratulations, you now can receive and send IDRT / IDRTB !