Set-up wallet IDRT di Metamask

Metamask is an easy-to-use Ethereum wallet browser extension, available for ChromeFirefox, and Opera. This guide will show you how to setup your Metamask wallet and add Rupiah Token to it.

Setting up Metamask

  1. Download and install Metamask from the Chrome WebstoreFirefox Addons, or Opera Addons.
  2. Open the extension and proceed
  3. Secure your wallet by adding a password to it
  4. Your account will have a uniquely generated image to help you distinguish it from other accounts.
  5. Read through the Terms of Service, Privacy Notice, and Phishing Warning, then click accept.
  6. Write down your seed phrases somewhere safe, so that you can recover your wallet from a different computer. (WARNING: Never share your secret phrase!)
  7. Verify that you’ve written down the seed phrase by entering it in the next screen.
  8. Congratulations! Now you have a Ethereum wallet!

Integrating Rupiah Token into your wallet

  1. On Metamask, Expand the hamburger menu bar (≡) and click “Add Token”.
  2. Click on the Custom Token tab and enter in Rupiah Token’s token details.Token Contract Address : 0x998FFE1E43fAcffb941dc337dD0468d52bA5b48A
    Token Symbol : IDRT
    Decimals of Precision : 2
  3. You should be able to see your IDRT balance (if you have any – otherwise it’ll show 0 IDRT).
    Click on Add Tokens to proceed.
  4. Congratulations! You can now use IDRT on your Metamask wallet!